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Tips & Hints:
Review the following suggestions prior to using any links, shopping online and using Promotions & Offers:
Always review and accept privacy policies prior to submitting your e-mail address and other personal data to any website. Reivew their product guarantees, warranties, and refund or exchange procedures.
Free shipping offers typically refer to U.S. continental (48-states) only, 2-day ground UPS or FEDEX. Upgrades for faster delivery, as well as Alaska, Hawaii & International shipping rates vary with merchants!
Next day Free shipping typcially refers to specific geographic locations from the merchant's shipping warehouse(s) and usually requires a minimum purchase/order.
Product and Service costs as well as shipping, handling fees and taxes are typically presented in the currency used in that country. It is important to note which country the merchant is located in, to avoid any misunderstandings.
Taxation policies vary from different countries. Also, U.S. state taxation varies. Quite often, in a large number U.S. states, state sales tax is applicable to your purchase if the merchant has a store or warehouse in the state that you reside.
Offers requiring a minium purchase amount, usually do not include shipping charges or handling fees towards the minimum purchase required to be able to receive the offer. Example: "20% off with $50 order." Products or services must total $50 or greater prior to shipping, handling fees/charges and taxes. In addition, % offer deals ususally do not discount the shiping, handling fees, and taxes - just the cost of the products or services. Always review promotion and discount offer details within merchant websites prior to submitting an order or personal data. Typically, sale items are limited to their stock available and often is identified by the phrase: 'While supplies last!" Often, Clearance, special order and special sale items are not returnable.
Promotions and special offers are subject to end or change without notice. Please verify the availability of any offers you are interested in.
Most special offers and promotions can only be used once per customer.
Use simple logic and common sense when visiting websites. "Free" offers typically have some "strings" attached to them. Determine the expected consequences when taking advantage of a "Free" promotion, sweepstakes, etc.... Remember: "If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't."
Prior to accepting costs/charges of products & services at a merchant's checkout, validate that the total is accurate and that the order reflects any specials, savings or promotion offers that you are anticipating..
"Specials & Savings" listings often identify when an offer expires. If at the time of posting the offer end date is not identifiable, expiration of offer is listed as "unknown." This is revised to a specific date when identifies such and is able to upload a "fresh revision" of the page(s).
An offer that has an expiration date that is "unknown," usually will be removed from the site after 60 days of posting. Be aware that prior to removing a posting that the offer may have actually ended.
Refresh/Reload (or Ctrl + F5) to view the latest version of a website page! Your computer's cache system will retain recently visited pages in its memory and that's what you'll often see when you select a web page. Specials & Savings and promotions change frequently, and it's important to view the latest updates.
Avoid double orders. Do not enter the merchant's checkout until you are finished shopping. If you suspect that your order may have not been completed, because of a power surge/interuption, a network problem, etc, contact the merchant before submitting a second order.
Always determine that the merchant's website's server is "secure"; so your credit card and personal information is protected. Through a "secure" website, your data is encrypted during Internet transfer. With Internet Explorer, there will be a graphic of an unbroken key and/or gold padlock at the bottom of your browser window. Regarding other browser's, identify their method of informing you (the user) when encryption is and isn't taking place.
Always print a copy of the final transaction page for your personal records.
While submitting personal information and placing an order, look for boxes that are pre-checked. Too often prechecked boxes indicate that you give them persmission to use your information (e-mail addresss, etc) in ways that you normally would not like it used! Uncheck the boxes that you decide do not benefit you.
Example: "X" : Yes, please put me on your mailing list; or ... please provide my e-mail address to other companies.
Typically, when you place an order with a merchant, you are now on their mailing list. Federal law states that they must provide a means to let you unsubscribe with each mailing. To avoid accumulating unsolicited mail, take a moment or two and follow the "unsubscribe" procedure.
Please review our Privacy Policy.
After placing an order, usually you will receive an e-mail "Order Confirmation Note". Often the note will summarize your purchase, costs and expected shipping/arrival times. Save the e-mail note and print a copy of it for your records. Make sure the note is accurate. If not, reply immediately or phone the company. If an order, such as downloadable software, does not work properly, contact the merchant immediately. Again, power surges/interuptions, network problems, etc, can cause incomplete passage of Internet relayed data.
If an order is not received when expected, contact the merchant immediately and request assistance to the problem. Many "order confirmation notes" identify UPS or FEDEX shipping 'Tracking numbers" that can be used to locate the where-abouts of an order. The "Net Resources" section of can assist you with
locating this info.
Note that shipping days typically refer to normal business days (Mondays through Fridays) and may be delayed due to holidays and unexpected weather conditions or other reasons.
If a product received has been damaged in shipping, contact the delivery service immediately. If a product received is faulty, the incorrect item, wrong size/amount, color, etc.... follow the return procedures identified with the packing slips or visit their website to view the Return Policy and Procedures.
Typically, Clearance and Special Sale items are not returnable. If the order is wrong or the items are faulty, request an exchange or refund immediately.

Content Policies. does not encourage & endorse online gambling and unlawful activities of any type!
Nor does encourage & endorse legal gambling.

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Terms & Conditions
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